Getting school communications right matters!

Schools can not only reduce the time they spend on admin, but they can also play a role in helping parents with the work/life juggle.

One of the most common challenges for schools is getting parents to read the information that is sent out.

The more parents are uninformed, the more regularly they’ll contact their child’s school. This creates significant 'parental noise' impacting teacher and office staff and preventing them from carrying out more important tasks. 

One of the most common complaints of parents of school-age children is the amount of time they spend managing school communications. It’s even worse for parents with children attending different schools.

Research shows 57 percent of parents are at least moderately frustrated, while 25 percent claim they are very or extremely frustrated with the extra workload.

Why? For most people, managing family schedules and school communications is an exercise they can only do manually and it is very labour intensive.

Parents spend ages reading school communications, often across multiple communication channels, and then filter the information relevant for them. One in three parents (35 percent) will tap a few words into their phone calendars, 20 percent will hand write the events into a diary or notebook, 21 percent will duplicate and 12 percent of parents will just keep the information in their heads. This manual process results in missed events or details. 

The good news? myWhānau School Calendar Assistant is a revolutionary calendar-based school app that captures and diarises school communications. 

It is the only school app that aggregates information from school group emails, newsletters, websites, and portals and creates personalised calendar entries that include all the details parents need.  

School parent tasks like completing permission slips or registering for events are diarised with automatic deadlines and reminders, and parents can mark these tasks as complete once actioned. Each calendar entry contains all the details parents need from links to forms, school portals, to the original communication.

With myWhānau, 91 percent of parents report feeling better organised, 87 percent less frustrated with 78 percent saying they have more peace of mind.

myWhānau School Calendar Assistant is free for schools to use, it is private, secure and quick to integrate. 

Getting school communications right matters. 

myWhānau is proud to become a ISNZ sponsor for 2022