ISNZ Conference Webinar Series – Monday 20 September to Friday 29 October 2021

Dear all

Further to our earlier email regarding the cancellation of the 2021 ISNZ Annual Conference, scheduled to take place in Auckland on 20 – 21 August, this email is to provide you with the links to register for the Conference Webinar Series that we have developed so that everyone has an opportunity to hear the expert speakers we had engaged for the conference. For your reference please find attached the full schedule for the Conference Webinar Series. To read more about the speakers and their presentation topics please refer to the attached ISNZ Conference Handbook. Please ignore the information in the handbook that applies to the conference venue.

Please note those who registered for the conference in Auckland do not need to register as they are automatically registered to attend each conference webinar. Conference delegates will be automatically sent the links to join each webinar a couple of days prior to the scheduled webinar.

Personnel in our member schools who were not registered for the conference will need to register and will be charged the full webinar rate of $50.00 per webinar.

ISNZ will be holding twelve webinars. Please see below the date and time for the first five webinars:

Webinar 1 – Panic! Don’t Panic? – Roger Dennis
Monday 20 September | 4.00pm – 5.00pm
Please click here to register Webinar 1

Webinar 2 – A New New Zealand – and a Changed Educational Landscape – Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley, Massey University
Tuesday 21 September | 4.00pm – 4.50pm
Please click here to register Webinar 2

Webinar 3 – Strength-Based Approaches in Schools – Professor Lea Waters
Wednesday 22 September | 4.00pm – 5.00pm
Please click here to register Webinar 3  

Webinar 4 – Global Trends in Sustainable Finance and the Relevance to Education – Dean Spicer, ANZ
Thursday 23 September | 4.00pm – 4.40pm
Please click here to register Webinar 4

Webinar 5 – Consistency Worthy of our Culture – Tabitha Leonard
Friday 24 September | 4.00pm – 4.40pm
Please click here to register Webinar 5 

Please note: Should you not be able to attend any of the webinars, recordings and/or PowerPoints will be made available to those who have registered for all webinars except webinars 1 and 3.

Registration details for Conference Series Webinars 6 – 12 will be sent out next week.

If you have not logged into our events system before, simply enter your email address and select ‘Forgot Password’.  You will receive a link to set your password for the site, and then you can log in to register.

If you require any further assistance for registration, please don’t hesitate to contact the ISNZ office.

Kind regards

Deborah James
Executive Director
Independent Schools of New Zealand