Aspiring/Emerging Leaders Seminar – programme highlights

Our Aspiring/Emerging Leaders Seminar takes place on Thursday 28 February 2019 at Sofitel in Wellington. Three of our Member School Principals will be sharing their expertise and insights at the Seminar:


Tim Oughton, Executive Principal, Kristin School

Tim has been a Head of four completely different Independent Schools in New Zealand and Australia. He has been a member of the Association of the Heads of Independent Schools Executive, the Board of Independent Schools of New Zealand and the Independent Schools of South Australia. During his 20 years of headship he has been involved in a number of mentoring roles for new Heads.

In this interactive workshop, Tim will share some of his experiences on the critical dimensions of school leadership and, in particular, some of the critical "dos" and "don’ts".


Alex Reed, Principal, Pinehurst School

Alex became Principal of Pinehurst School in Auckland in July 2017. In his session, he will talk about how becoming the leader of a school requires more than learning how to do a job: it requires learning about a community, and it requires learning how to change. He will talk about the everyday (expected and distinctly unexpected) challenges of the role; the importance of building relationships in a very diverse community; and how he has tried to balance his beliefs and expectations with those of the community he has joined.



Ian Macpherson, Principal, Medbury School

Ian will talk about how,as a new Headmaster, feedback from your governing body is paramount. Working with your Chairman to develop periodic reviews or health checks along with an effective appraisal and performance management process can be challenging for a first-time Headmaster. The presentation will explore the process of an end of Term 3 Health Check aimed at reviewing a Headmaster’s introduction and settling phase, along with establishing a culture of trust and openness and, ultimately, the development of a meaningful appraisal process.



Jacqui Matthews-Harris, Andrew Harris and Kevin Boyce of specialist recruitment company BlackCat Education, who are Silver Sponsors of ISNZ, will present two sessions at the Seminar:

LEADERSHIP: what am I aspiring to be? will focus on the characteristics, forces' hierarchy and role of a competent leader.

So You Want To Be A Principal? will be an interactive, entertaining and informative workshop giving delegates invaluable insight into what Boards are looking for in their new Principal, how the recruitment and selection process works and how best to prepare for it.


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