Independent Schools of New Zealand (ISNZ) is the national body representing 53 independent (also known as private) schools in New Zealand (as at October 2021).

The role of ISNZ is to promote independent education in its widest sense. This includes:

  • Representing the independent school view on education committees
  • Advocating choice in education to Members of Parliament and government officials
  • Providing services for schools
  • Writing articles in order to influence educational thinking and policy
  • Organising professional development programmes
  • Liaising with other education groups nationally and internationally
  • Generally providing a forum for joint action by ISNZ Member Schools.

ISNZ, formerly Independent Schools Council (ISC) established an executive directive office in Wellington in 1992. ISNZ is an umbrella group, initially representing Boards and Principals, and from 1994, bursars of ISNZ Member Schools. The ISNZ Executive consists of 12 people, representing three associations that have had a long history in New Zealand of supporting choice in education and working for independent or private schools.

Schools apply for membership and, if accepted, pay a per capita levy that is used to fund the ISNZ office operations.

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