Executive Lists

ISNZ (formerly the Independent Schools Council) is the umbrella organisation for 46 independent/private schools of New Zealand.

In 1991 The Association of the Heads of Independent Schools (AHIS) joined the Trustees or Governors of Independent Schools Council (ISA) to provide a more coherent structure to pursue the best interests of independent schooling in New Zealand.  They were joined by a representative from the Bursars Association (ASBA) in 1994.  All three organisations have been in existence in New Zealand for many decades under various names.

The Board of ISNZ:

  • is elected by Boards, Principals, and Bursars of ISNZ Member Schools
  • provides a forum for discussion and joint action by ISNZ Member Schools
  • is committed to choice for parents in the education of their children
  • believes that independent schooling provides a proven alternative
  • represents 46 independent schools educating over 80% of students in the private schools sector
  • was first established in 1992 as the Independent Schools Council (ISC).




Board and Executive Members:

board and exec