Adrian Slack, Scots College – Service to Pastoral Care and Co-Curricular Programmes



A professional in search of continuous reinvention, and according to his colleagues, this quality remains a breath of fresh air in any meeting with Adrian Slack. Adrian, a respected Head of Department of Physics, commenced at Scots College in 1985 and over the last 38 years he has dedicated his life to the students.

As Scots College transitioned to a fully co-educational College, he was one of the first to put his hand up to ensure that the pastoral systems were ready and undertook personal learning and development enabling him to lead other staff. He takes on new challenges and protocols with great eagerness and positivity.

Adrian has led the introduction of the IB Diploma and Middle Year Programmes into Scots College with a growth mindset - always looking at ways of ensuring the College continues to meet the educational needs of the students’ to best prepare them for their future.

Adrian has worked hard to develop the students under his care and instill his values of respect and care. He works closely with families and is a much-loved member of the whole school community.

As a Dean, Adrian’s conduct, is exemplary. The role of a House Dean is demanding, and Adrian is widely acknowledged by the students and parents associated with his House, as an excellent and empathetic Dean.

Outside the classroom, Adrian has been heavily involved both in the Duke of Edinburgh program and its associated EOTC activities and managing the first XI football team for more than a decade.

Adrian serves his community by leading several service initiatives for the community such as collection for St Johns, fundraising for the City Mission, Kaibosh Food collection, and Forward Gear, a clothing exchange programme.

Adrian is always willing to share his wisdom, but never with a sense of arrogance or personal aggrandizement. His passion for his students remains undiminished.