Reverend Sandy Robertson, Diocesan School for Girls – Service to Chaplaincy, Religious Studies, and the Spiritual Life of the School

She doesn't give answers but empowers people to explore their own solutions.” The work of Sandy Robertson, Chaplain at Diocesan School for Girls’, has encompassed a model of support and well-being for girls and staff.  She ensures that young people can resolve issues that they face in life.

Sandy completed a significant theological research project into how the Anglican faith is reflected in the school. 

Since then, Sandy has ensured that the findings of her theological research into faith-based education have underpinned the Diocesan School for Girls’ curriculum. She set about re-writing the curriculum and developed NCEA subjects so that Religious Studies could be studied as a continuous pathway, something that was not offered before Sandy's vision.

Sandy is a very highly respected member of her team in discussing the challenging topics of diversity, gender fluidity, racism, and cross-cultural understanding. 

Apart from the results that have been achieved, Sandy has a great sense of humour, and enjoys witty interactions with others. The chapels she presides over are always interesting and engaging with Sandy's broad and extensive intellectual capability ensuring her homilies are on point, empathetic and relevant.  They are often humorous personal stories that make her so ‘real’ to the girls. 

The kindness and care she has extended to so many Diocesan School for Girls’ students, staff, families, and old girls are simply immeasurable.

She is a taonga - a gift to Diocesan School for Girls.