Sue van Dort, St George's School

Service to Teaching

Sue is an outstanding educator with the innate ability to view the student as a whole person. In her 12 years at St George’s, the school has been through some turbulent and challenging times. Throughout this, she has remained steadfastly loyal and kept her focus on student wellbeing.

Sue specialises in teaching science, STEM, English and humanities. She is a learner and innovator herself, who trials new ideas and strategies for and with the students. She also promotes charitable causes, working with student leaders to build community-mindedness and citizenship.

Sue organises life-saving training and preparation for students, with early starts in the pool. She sees the value in teaching a real life skill that may one day help students save lives. Because of her dedication, St George’s performs exceptionally well in inter-school life-saving.

Sue inspires her students to be brave and take risks in a safe and nurturing environment, and has many students on personalised learning plans. Students trust Sue as she is always kind, consistent and fair.

Headmaster Julie Gifkins says, “Our school motto is Fidus et Audax, faithful and daring, and Sue embodies this motto. Sue is a credit to the teaching profession, and we are blessed to have her at St George’s School.”

Congratulations Sue.